YouthMappers Activity Tracker

This dashboard quantifies the OpenStreetMap editing activity by mappers associated with YouthMappers chapters around the globe. There are over over 290 chapters in more than 60 countries around the world. This dashboard shows edits from more than 1,600 mappers in 130 chapters.

Don't see your edits or your chapter?

We track edits by OSM username, if you don't see your edits or your chapter on the map, please add your OSM username and chapter information with this form.

Using The Map

Filtering by Time

The timeline along the bottom shows the relative number of chapters active each day in OSM. By clicking and dragging across the timeline, the map will filter to only show changesets submitted in that time range.

Changeset Information

Click Show Bounding Boxes to show the bounding box of changesets performed that day. The bounding boxes appear unstraight because they can also be viewed in 3d!

Tilt the map with Control + Click & Drag to see the actual terrain. The numbers inside the bounding boxes represent the number of features edited in that box on any given day. Hovering over this number will give more information.

Filtering by Chapter

Choosing a chapter from the Dropdown menu labeled Choose A Chapter will show only edits from mappers associated with that chapter. Multiple chapters can be chosen consecutively. Chapters can be unselected by clicking the[X] button next to their name.

How are these numbers calculated?

Did you know that the entire editing history of OpenStreetMap is available in a queryable database part of Amazon's Open Data Program? We search the full history to count all of the edits to highways, buildings, amenities, or other objects by OSM users known to be in a YouthMappers chapter.

The numbers presented here are just a subset of all edits from YouthMappers chapters because there many mappers associated with YouthMappers chapters for whom we have not collected an OSM username. We collect OSM usernames with this form.

Can I download the data?

You can download the processed data behind the map as a GeoJSON file here (~20MB). This data is aggregated at the zoom-level 8 map tile, per chapter, per day.

"type" : "Feature",
"properties" : {
"date" : Date of the changesets in YYYY-MM-DD format
"chapter" : Name of the chapter
"buildings": # buildings created or edited by mappers in this chapter on this day
"amenities": # amenities created or edited by mappers in this chapter on this day
"highways" : # of highway objects created or edited (not length)
"other" : # of other objects (not highways, amenities, or buildings) created or edited by mappers in this chapter on this day
"mappers" : # of distinct mappers in this chapter active this day
"geometry" : A Point Geometry representing the centroid of changesets submitted by mappers in this chapter on this day.

OSM Teams

OSM Teams ( is a platform that allows OpenStreetMap users to organize themselves into teams. With so many mappers working together in OpenStreetMap, OSM Teams enables users to track metrics across groups and organizations of mappers, such as YouthMappers.

Team organizers can collect any number of attributes about members to better track and monitor membership. Consider a team of students at a university, for example, a valuable attribute to track might be the year-in-school or degree concentration.

YouthMappers & OSM Teams

YouthMappers has funded development of new functionalities in OSM Teams so that each YouthMappers Chapter can manage their own team under the larger YouthMappers Organization. Each chapter officer is able to track chapter membership, user attributes, and invite new members.

Why does my YouthMappers Chapter need to be on OSM Teams?

The data that powers the maps on the YouthMappers Activity Tracker comes from OSM Teams. The mapping activity of chapters not active on OSM Teams will not be reflected on the activity map, and therefore cannot be counted in annual metrics about YouthMappers.

How to do I join my chapter on OSM Teams?

If you have not received an invite link to join your Chapter, complete this form to be invited.

If you have received an invite link, follow the instructions in this video: